A complete variety of cooked sausages are produced ready for the table and for a welcome addition to antipasto dishes. MSG & gluten free. Black puddings are made in a unique horseshoe shape as well as in a chubb form, each one a work of art. Blackball Salami also make a tasty white pudding made with pork and leeks.

All sausages available by the kg or 3 packs.


Cabanas Great with cheese and crackers. A mild cooked sausage.


Cooked Chorizo Bronze medal in Great NZ Sausage competition 2009. Spicy and very versatile, great on pizza or in pasta.


Biersticks Contains dark ale. A lovely bierstick to have with nibbles.


Cheese Kransky A pork and venison sausage manuka smoked with mainland cheese. The kids will love these.


Black Pudding A traditional English recipe, "The Best." Available in chubb or ring.


White Pudding A twist on traditional black pudding, white pudding is made with pork and leeks. Available in ring.


Haggis Traditional haggis. Available by the kg. Rings and natural skins.