The best selection of sausages you'll find. 100% New Zealand meat, MSG and gluten free.

All sausages available untrayed, by the kg.


Beef Traditional beef.


Pork Traditional pork.


Garlic Traditional beef with garlic.


Spicy pork Traditional pork with added pepper and paprika.


Venison Premium New Zealand venison (the best).


Pork & Pineapple A twist on the original pork sausage.


Kosher Beef 100% New Zealand beef. Pork free.


Beef Breakfast A great small breakfast sausage.


Bratwurst A small sausage with finely chopped beef and pork – very tasty.


Saveloys Blackball's own pork saveloy - a family favourite.




Italian Pork and venison sausage with fennel and a hint of pepper, caraway and coriander – medium.


Cumberland A pork sausage with lingering heat created by peppers and nutmeg


Boerewors Pork and venison with spices including coriander, nutmeg and cloves


Hungarian Pork and venison with paprika, garlic and cayenne


Polish A delicious mild pork and venison sausage


Lamb & Roast Onion A great lamb sausage


Chorizo Spanish A fresh chorizo sausage with a kick